Episode 9
Grieving, Coping, and Healing Regarding Suicides in Our Legal Community

Description: Unfortunately, the New Mexico legal community has lost several members in 2020 to death by suicide. In an attempt bring awareness, education and compassion to those who are facing a myriad of emotions, the SBNM Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program will discuss this very important topic. Please listen in as Pamela Moore, Director of the NM Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program, and Dr. Avron Kriechman, a child, adolescent and family psychiatrist at UNM, discuss the topic of suicide. Dr. Kriechman and Pam talk about safety and resiliency, self-awareness and coping strategies, the healing process when feeling grief and loss, and offer a plethora of resources and services. 
Dr. Kriechman is also a Co-Principal Investigator on ASPYR (Alliance-building for Suicide Prevention and Youth Resilience) which aims to reduce youth suicide by providing advanced clinical training as well as bringing together youth and stakeholders to form statewide suicide prevention. 
Presenters: Pamela Moore, Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program Director and Dr. Avron M. Kriechman, MD, University of New Mexico Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
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