Licensing Certifications and Fees

State Bar licensing requirements are due by Dec. 31 and must be paid by the following Feb. 1 in order to avoid late fees. Annual license renewal will be open in mid-November. For more information or to process your  licensing and pay fees, email or call 505-797-6083.

Active Members

      I am an active members who has been admitted in any jurisdiction (State or Country) prior to 01/01/2019 - Click Here

      I am an a
ctive members who has only been admitted in any jurisdiction (State or Country) since 01/01/2019 - Click Here

Inactive Members

       I have an inactive membership in New Mexico - Click Here

If you are an active member who would like to become inactive, please send an email to

If you need a printable form emailed to you, email

Read more in the State Bar Member Handbook.