Health Law

The general purpose of the Section is:

A. To provide a common organization for New Mexico attorneys practicing or interested in the field of health law, which includes but is not limited to the representation of hospitals or hospital associations, nursing homes or nursing home associations, physicians or associations of physicians, pharmacists or associations of pharmacists, or other health care providers, federal or state agencies involved in administering, providing, or regulating health care or health care providers, or insurance companies or insurance associations specializing in health care providers;
B. To further the professional development of New Mexico attorneys in the field of health law through the formal and informal exchange of information and the presentation or sponsorship of continuing legal education programs and other educational activities directed to health law practitioners and their clients;
C. To promote a high level of ethical and professional representation in the field of health law in New Mexico;
D. To promote dialogue among interested New Mexico attorneys and health care providers in the area of medical-legal ethics and related concerns;
E. To participate in an appropriate manner in governmental processes by providing a means for the exchange of information between representatives of government and health law practitioners and their clients;
F. To provide service to the public of New Mexico consistent with the interests, expertise, and resources of the Section and its members.

Health Law Section E-News

The success of the Health E-News will depend in large part on you and your willingness to share health-related information with the other members of the Section. This can be done by sending an email to containing a news item, a clip or extract from some health related source, a Web site address, an opinion citation, an article or brief you have written and would like to have distributed to the section, or other matters that you believe might be of interest to other New Mexico health lawyers.

The name of the newsletter reflects the Board's desire to keep its members informed and the state of your practice healthy. To reduce time and expense the newsletter is sent out by email, and you are asked to keep the State Bar informed of any change in your email address.  The Health-E-News will compile health related information and send it out periodically. The frequency of the publication will depend on the volume of information it contains and the time sensitivity of certain information. It is the intent of the Board to keep the content as politically neutral as possible. If the need arises, the Board may decide to include a "Letters to the Editor" section in future newsletters. 

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