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Recent Developments and Upcoming Events

The Annual Meeting of Section Membership was held on Oct. 20 at the State Bar Center. Members of the Section were treated to a live raptor viewing and presentation by Hawks Aloft, Inc.

Recently Julie McIntyre, pollinator coordinator for the Southwest Region 2 of U.S. Fish and Wildlife, discussed the importance of pollinators, along with federal, state and tribal protections for pollinators at the State Bar Center. Click here to view McIntyre's PowerPoint presentation.
Opportunity for Free CLE When You Join or Renew the Animal Law Section!

Join or renew your membership in the Animal Law Section and earn a chance to receive one of two free registrations, including 11 hours of free CLE credits at the:

2019 New Mexico Positive Links Conference on the Link Between Animal Abuse and Human Violence
September 9 and 10, 2019 
11.0 CLE Credits
National Hispanic Cultural Center, Albuquerque

Simply click here to join or renew by August 30 and you will automatically be included in the random drawing to be held September 1. 

For more information, contact Judith Durzo at or visit the Animal Law Section page on the State Bar of New Mexico website.

Event Information

The 2019 New Mexico Conference on the Link Between Animal Abuse and Human Violence will be held September 9 and 10, 2019. Participants from around the region will come together to learn about "The Link" and what they can do to break that link in our society. The conference seeks to educate and train those from various anti-violence organizations on the cycle of violence in our society impacting both people and animals. Additionally, the conference aims to promote and facilitate cooperative action within New Mexico's communities so that we can respond promptly to incidents of animal cruelty and human violence and assist all victims immediately.

Participants in the conference include animal control officers, law enforcement officers, domestic violence workers, social workers, staff from NM Children Youth and Families Division, elected officials, veterinarians, teachers, judges, lawyers, therapists, animal advocates, child advocates and other interested parties.

To learn more about the organization, please click here.
The general purpose of the Animal Law Section shall be the promotion of the objectives of the State Bar of New Mexico within the field of Animal Law. To that end, the purposes of this Section shall be:

A. To provide a forum for members of the profession to consider and discuss the legal issues that concern the treatment of all animals, the protections afforded to animals, and the rights and responsibilities of persons who have an interest in animals as well as the legal issues involved in human beings’ relationship and coexistence with animals;
B. To recognize the interrelationship among various components of Animal Law, including torts, contracts, criminal, administrative, regulatory, municipal, trusts and estates, property and constitutional, and how they are used to create a just world for all;
C. To provide an organizational recognition of the importance of Animal Law to the State and its legal profession.

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